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4 Tools You Need To Create Your Own Successful Sponsorship Proposal On A Budget

4 tools you need to create your own successful sponsorship proposal on a budget

Money’s tight but you know that creating a professional sponsorship proposal can really lift you above the pack and give you the best chance of impressing a potential sponsor.

It can be expensive if you get someone else to do it so you’ve decided to have a crack at developing your own sponsorship proposal.

This may seem a little daunting to start with but trust me when I say that you can do it, and you can do it cost effectively if you’ve got the right tools to get the job done.

The first step is to go and read 10 essential steps to create a winning sponsorship proposal. This hugely popular article provides a step-by-step guide to developing a sponsorship proposal.

Now that you know what to do, it’s time to look at 4 tools you need to create your own successful sponsorship proposal on a budget.

1 – Graphic River

Graphic River has a huge array of elements you can incorporate into any sponsorship proposal to give it that wow factor – from backgrounds, to 3D renderings and infographics to name just a few.

But what’s really cool about Graphic River is the range of ready-to-go proposal templates. Using the search box on the home page, enter “proposal” and you get back close to 900 results. From this list you’re sure to find a proposal template that suits your needs.

Templates range in price from around $6 to $15 US.

Nearly all the templates are provided as an Adobe InDesign document, which is a de facto standard tool for most graphic designers. The advantage here is that you don’t have to go through the design process as you have a template ready to rock and roll.

2 – Logo Tournament

Every sponsorship seeker should have a professional logo, it’s part of your visual identity, brand and personality.

Getting a logo created by a graphic design company can be expensive. Alternatively you can get your next door neighbor’s son who’s a wiz with Illustrator to whip one up for you. Hmm… pass.

There is another cost effective option you should consider. Logo Tournament is a design contest website where:

  1. You fill out a logo questionnaire and set a prize amount (starting at $275 US)
  2. Designers submit their logo ideas while you provide feedback
  3. Select a winner and download your logo files

Personally, I’ve had a great deal of success using Logo Tournament and I’ve even used for the Practical Sponsorship Ideas logo. Here are examples of logos I’ve had created using the service.

Logo Tournament Examples


  • Get the logo that you really want by choosing from 50-200+ custom designs
  • See your first company logos within hours, not weeks
  • What you see is what you get
  • Fast Selection Process – rank dozens of logos in seconds
  • Industry Standard Vector Logo Files that can be used in almost any application
  • Full Legal Ownership of your new logo
  • Money Back Guarantee

3 – Freelancer

Unless you’re awesome at everything, it’s time you started delegating the jobs you’re not that good at or don’t fit with your core business.

Outsourcing is an excellent way to get things done and save some dollars at the same time.

Services like Freelancer have emerged that allow you to connect with freelancers from all over the world who are ready to help you create a professional sponsorship proposal. Of interest to you and me are copywriters, graphic designers and illustrators etc.

uBranded Services GuideI recently had a services guide developed using 3 different freelancers on Freelancer:

  • An illustrator to create a logo – $50 US
  • A copywriter to review and make improvements to the text I’d written – $20 US
  • A graphic designer to take my text and turn it into a professional looking presentation; Adobe InDesign, email and print friendly versions – $100 US

You can see the final version here: uBranded Services Guide. All this for just $170 US.

As you can see, you can get a lot done with a little.

There are some things you need to be aware of however if you’re going to get the best out of Freelancer. Here are my 5 tips:

  1. Be very clear with your instructions. I include a separate document that details what I want, how I want it and when I want it
  2. Remember you may be working with people where English is their second language. Be clear and remove any ambiguity
  3. Interview your top 3 candidates via Skype for each job
  4. Reply to all communications promptly so your freelancers are not waiting for input or direction
  5. Don’t be too quick to select a proposal. Do your due diligence

4 – Shutterstock

A professional sponsorship proposal needs some visual bling, graphical elements that will grab you sponsor’s attention and excite them about the opportunity to partner with you.

Not every sponsorship seeker has a library of high quality images they can use in a sponsorship proposal. This is where Shutterstock comes in handy.

Shutterstock has a huge library of photos and illustrations you can use to make your sponsorship proposal really pop and give you that professional edge over the competition.

It’s a fairly simple process. Sign up for an account, buy an image pack and then use the search tools to find the images you need and download them.

For around $49 US you can get around 5 print quality images at this price. I use Shutterstock all the time for proposals and website imagery.

So there you go; 4 tools you need to create your own successful sponsorship proposal on a budget.

I hope you found this article helpful and you’re now enthused to go and tackle your own sponsorship proposals.

Until next time… happy sponsorship seeking.

Cheers, Kym.

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