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6 reasons why you should be sponsored

When done correctly, sponsorship is great for business. It provides laser-targeted marketing and promotional opportunities that other channels can’t match. It’s this focus that elevates sponsorship above other channels and why you should be sponsored.

Traditional marketing and advertising rely on interrupting people to get their attention. For example, consider TV advertising, website pop-up banners, or telemarketing.

On the other hand, sponsorship is all about creating and enhancing experiences, weaving the sponsor’s brand into an interactive and memorable exchange with the audience.

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Stand Out From The Crowd

How to get sponsored – 7 tips you need to know

Have you struggled to get noticed by sponsors? Do your emails go unread and your phone calls unanswered? Or perhaps you’ve been able to pitch to a sponsor, only to receive a “thanks but no thanks?”

Don’t worry; we’ve all been there. While there’s no magic bullet or secret to success when it comes to sponsorship (planning and hard work are effective, however), there are approaches you can take that will help you get sponsored.

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How To Create An Online Audience And Get Sponsored

How to build an online audience for sponsorship

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m a strong believer in building rapport with a potential sponsor before you attempt to talk about a sponsorship proposal or investment options (I learned this the hard and time-consuming way). So in this article, I’ll show you how to build an online audience that will attract sponsors.

One of the ways you build rapport with a potential sponsor is to have a recognizable brand and an audience of your own.

Apart from creating a potential market ready to go for your sponsor, having a recognizable brand gives you instant and independent credibility. You’re not telling a potential sponsor how good (professional, articulate, affable) you are; you’re showing them by the way you interact with your audience.

But, as an independent sponsorship seeker, how can you cost-effectively:

  • Create your brand
  • Build an audience and;
  • Compete for sponsors with organizations much larger than yourself?

By creating your brand online using the tools that best serve you and your target audience.

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Can You Really Afford To Be Sponsored?

Can you really afford to be sponsored?

Ah, the allure of sponsorship. To have a corporate partner spend a few of their marketing dollars on your passion; to take it to the next level, to go the extra mile, to not have to pay the bills.

To live the dream.

Sounds great doesn’t it? In theory yes, in practice… mileage may vary. If you’re really keen on seeking sponsorship (and I don’t mean a hand-out from your mate who runs a successful spare parts business) you need to weigh up the cons before you’ll see any of the pros.

This may sound a little pessimistic, but I want you to go into the sponsorship game with your eyes open to the realities. That it’s not the goose that laid the golden egg and the answer to all your financial constraints.

It takes hard work, commitment and tenacity to be successful; all of which may take the ‘fun’ out of what you’re trying to achieve through sponsorship.

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The Perfect Sponsorship Pitch

The Perfect Sponsorship Pitch is a step-by-step process, designed to bypass the gatekeepers and get your sponsor’s attention.