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Welcome to Practical Sponsorship Ideas
Brett De Hoedt

Brett de Hoedt interview – part 1

Welcome back to Practical Sponsorship Ideas.

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Brett de Hoedt, self-proclaimed “Mayor” of Hootville Communications, a PR and communications company focused on helping not-for-profit organisations punch above their weight (in a metaphorical sense).

Say hello to Brett de Hoedt

Before founding Hootville Brett de Hoedt worked as a print journalist, talk radio host and publicist with various media organisations.

He has interviewed most major players in Australian politics, business and entertainment. He understands what the media wants and what it takes to gain coverage.

Today Brett offers media, PR and marketing training. Brett also shows off at conferences and events as MC and facilitator.

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YBI Creative

Rob Sharp interview – part 1

Hi and welcome to the very first interview here on Practical Sponsorship Ideas. It’s great to finally start chatting with some experts in the sponsorship and marketing fields.

Meet Rob Sharp…

My first guest is Rob Sharp, from YBI Creative in Australia. Rob started his career in advertising with Clemenger BBDO in Adelaide. For 9 and half years Rob dealt mainly with above the line marketing, which includes TV, cinema, radio, the press and magazines etc.

During his time with Clemenger, Rob was introduced to the Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA) who was a client at the time. When the opportunity to work with the new Sports Compact group came about, Rob joined ANDRA as the communications manager.

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Learn How You Can Avoid My Mistakes And Create A Winning Sponsorship Proposal

Fail. But at least I learnt something

In my previous article (My first sponsorship proposal) I alluded to how my first attempt at wooing a potential sponsor fell way short of the mark.

I created what I thought was a good sponsorship proposal, full of facts and creative marketing ideas; all nicely presented in a printed 12 page colour booklet. I was pretty chuffed with myself. Go team.

However, what I failed to grasp were some of the fundamentals when it comes to attracting potential sponsors and connecting with sponsorship managers.

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Lights Amber Traction

My first sponsorship proposal

Ok…here we go, time to put together my first sponsorship proposal.

After reading parts The Sponsorship Seekers Toolkit I went about following the steps in the book to create a marketing plan, from there a sales plan and then onto the sponsorship proposal itself.

With Mitre 10 (an Australian hardware business) in mind as a potential sponsor, I did some research and came up with a sponsorship proposal that would hopefully create a win / win opportunity.

The sponsorship proposal ended up weighing in at 14 pages and consisted of the following sections…

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