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Finish By John Acuff

How to finish what you start

If you’re like me, you find yourself daydreaming about all sorts of wonderful new ideas and opportunities. Like a 5 year old, I’m easily distracted by something new and shiny.

We like to think it’s our entrepreneurial nature or desire to learn lots of new things. Problem is, jumping between half completed projects gets in the way of finishing any of them.

I’ve been working on Practical Sponsorship Ideas for a few years now and I’m happy with what I’ve been able to share with you. But, there’s so much more I could create and share if I used my time more wisely.

At the time of writing this post I’m working full time, getting my car ready for racing, looking to move house, updating an app I wrote, working on new content for Practical Sponsorship Ideas, contacting sponsors, training 4 days a week while trying to spend quality time with my family.

Something’s got to give.

If everything is under control and you’re using all of your time wisely, please let me in on your secret!

However, if this sounds like you when it comes to your sponsorship seeking (there’s never enough time, I’m no good at writing or I’ll wait until next year when I’m in a better position) then please read on.

Finish by Jon Acuff

Finish by Jon AcuffLooking for some guidance and clarity, I got a copy of a book by Jon Acuff called Finish, recommended to me by a friend. In it, Jon talks about all the reasons why we struggle to finish the myriad of tasks we set ourselves and details techniques we can use to get things done.

The number 1 enemy of finished is perfection. Perfection is the little voice telling us that the work isn’t good enough, you should quit because you missed a day or the time just isn’t right.

To defeat perfection and all it’s negative thoughts, Jon prescribes the following:

  • Cut your goal in half – rather than contacting 10 sponsors in a month, cut it down to 5
  • Choose what to bomb – pick parts of your life that you are happy to suck at right now so you can finish other goals. For example, I’m not going to watch the Melbourne Football Club lose another match until I’ve finished my new eBook
  • Make it fun – perfection tells us that something must be unfun and difficult to be worthwhile. This is a lie – in fact, the more fun something is the more likely we are to finish it
  • Leave your hiding places and noble distractions – the closer you get to finished the more interesting everything else in your life becomes. You become easily distracted by time wasters (I’m looking at you Facebook and Youtube). Identify your time wasters and when you finish use them as rewards
  • Get rid of your secret rules –  we each carry around a bunch of secret rules which hold us back. Things like “success is bad” or “only miserable, difficult goals count”. Recognise what they are and get rid of them
  • Use data to track your progress –  failure screams loudly while success whispers in your ear, but the truth is found in the data. Measuring your progress motivates you to finish
  • The day before done – it’s the scariest time of all, just as we’re about to cross the finish line perfection makes one last appearance. What happens when we finish? What if it’s not perfect? What now? You don’t need to answer these questions if you never finish. Be proactive and answer these questions before you get to the finish line

Give yourself the gift of done

The tips above already helped me get closer to finished. I’ve cut a number of my goals in half, decided what to suck at for the time being and removed a number of distractions from my day-to-day.

If you’re ready to get more done take a look at Finish by Jon Acuff.

Happy sponsorship seeking,


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Subscribe to the Practical Sponsorship Ideas email newsletter and receive regular sponsorship seeking insights plus a copy of "10 questions you must ask a sponsor before preparing a sponsorship proposal".

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