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Ignition Productions

Motorsport, TV and Sponsorship – Interview Summary

A while back I had the pleasure of interviewing Nathan Prendergast of Ignition Productions.

Nathan knows a thing or two about motorsport, sponsorship and TV with his role as broadcast director for the V8 Supercar telecasts.

To read the full interview use the links below or continue reading to check out Nathan’s top sponsorship tips…

Top Sponsorship Tips:

  • You need to be good at what you do
  • You need to be unique and stand out from the crowd
  • Don’t be beige. Hero or villain – which are you?
  • Media training is an excellent idea – make the most of your media opportunities
  • Be prepared for media and exposure opportunities for your sponsor
  • Keep your interviews short and sharp – get your message across quickly
  • Think about how you can leverage the unique attributes of your sponsorship opportunity
  • Keep your eyes open for opportunities and keep coming up with new ideas for your sponsor
  • Be extremely passionate about making sure that your sponsor is well serviced
  • Create your own natural brand that fits you, your sponsor and your target audience
  • Forget the camera is there and be natural
  • Present well and stay clear of the politics in your niche
  • Don’t overate your own worth. Your only as valuable as the return on investment for your sponsor
  • Thoroughly research your potential sponsors before preparing a proposal
  • Media monitoring of your target audience, demographics and psychographics are extremely important
  • Television exposure would be the number one priority for larger corporate sponsorship
  • For smaller operations come up with some form of gimmick, some form of local media to engage the grass roots audience
  • Networking is key. Always put yourself out there. Always engage, always be friendly. You never know who you’re going to meet

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