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PSI 001 : Great Ways To Put Together An Effective And Professional Sponsorship Proposal With Abby Clemence

PSI 001 : Great ways to put together an effective and professional sponsorship proposal with Abby Clemence

In this first episode of the Practical Sponsorship Ideas Podcast, we chat with Abby Clemence about great ways to put together an effective and professional sponsorship proposal.

During this episode we cover:

  1. The key elements of a sponsorship proposal
  2. How to research a potential sponsor
  3. How to contact a potential sponsor
  4. What sections to include in an effective and professional sponsorship proposal
  5. Getting your sponsorship proposal read by a marketing manager
  6. How to articulate value and benefits to the sponsor in your proposal
  7. Sponsorship is a business opportunity
  8. Ways to cost your sponsorship proposal
  9. Thoughts on sponsorship levels
  10. Performing a communications stock-take
  11. Top mistakes sponsorship seekers make and how to avoid them
  12. Helping sponsors leverage your opportunity

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    1. Hi Nina. Great timing! I’ve just recorded a new episode earlier this week and I have another session organised for Wednesday next week. Look out for new episodes soon 🙂 Thanks – Kym.

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