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PSI 003 : Understanding Your Audience With Chris Baylis

PSI 003 : Understanding your audience with Chris Baylis

In episode 3 of the Practical Sponsorship Ideas Podcast, we chat with Chris Baylis from The Sponsorship Collective. When I spoke with Chris recently, I asked him what is one of the most important aspects of successful sponsorship seeking.

Chris’ number 1 tip for sponsorship seekers is to better understand your audience. In this episode we explore why you need to understand your audience, discuss survey techniques and how you can leverage this understanding with your sponsor.

During this episode we cover topics including:

  1. Why do you need to understand your audience?
  2. What does it mean to understand your audience?
  3. What tools and techniques are there to learn more about your audience?
  4. What are we looking for?
  5. How can you leverage this understanding?
  6. How big an audience do you need?

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