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Welcome to Practical Sponsorship Ideas

Are you ready to connect with sponsors?

The Perfect Sponsorship Pitch is the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s your complete guide for engaging with sponsors.

It’s a step-by-step process, designed to avoid those pesky gatekeepers and get your sponsor’s attention. If you follow it, you can forget about calling sponsors – they’ll be calling you.

The Perfect Sponsorship Pitch

Looking for sponsorship?

The 15 page sponsorship proposal worksheet (Word doc format) contains 10 steps to create and deliver a winning sponsorship proposal.

Follow along with the linked articles and complete the provided fields as you go. Once you’re done, you’ll have all the information you need in one location to produce your winning sponsorship proposal.

Sponsorship Proposal Worksheet

Sponsorship Proposal Worksheet

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Looking for a guide on how to get sponsored? Read “How to get sponsored: a step-by-step approach” and then come back to this article on how to create your own winning sponsorship proposal.

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