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Sponsorship Opportunities Are All Around You…

Sponsorship opportunities are all around you…

Sometimes you’ve just got to stop what you’re doing, sit back and take stock…literally. If you take the time to really look you could spot sponsorship opportunities all around you.

At the moment I’m sitting here in my lounge room surrounded by brands and objects and things that I like. If you take the time to understand what motivates you to select one brand over other then you’re 1 step closer to understanding what you have to offer a potential sponsor.

Take a quick inventory of what you can see…

For me, I’m wearing my Tendence watch. I love this watch, though it’s a bit bigger than I imagined. One of the disadvantages of buying online – no frame of reference.

On the table in front of me is a Garmin GPS. Plugged into my Dell laptop is a Samsung Galaxy S2. Sitting next to that is my Fossil wallet. In my wallet I have an RACV membership card.

Through the door, on the bench in the kitchen I can see a Saeco coffee machine. And next to that is my Lite & Easy menu. My wife and I have been on Lite and Easy for a while now. I’ve lost about 4 kgs in few months. Nice.

On the fridge is a menu for Crust Pizza…we like to indulge a little on the weekends; a bit of a yin and yang going on here. Next to the fridge is a bottle of Canadian Club. Goes real good with some dry and ice.

My son is watching the Wiggles…again and again and again. Hmmm, probably not a good fit but we’re brainstorming here.

So from a quick scan around the room I’ve identified about 10 brands who can call me a customer.

You never know your luck unless you try…

Of course these are just ideas. And most of these are large brands. But you never know your luck in a big city. Or as my Pop used to say – “son, you never know your luck until you sh#t and fall back in it.” Thanks Pop.

Obviously you need to then do some preliminary research to investigate each opportunity. Don’t discount any of them until you have done a little research, no matter how wild or unlikely the outcome. You may just hit upon the right idea at the right time for the right brand. And it costs you nothing except a little bit of your time.

Don’t limit yourself to the opportunities you see in front of you. Expanded your vision; look at each of their competitors and complimentary products and services. These may actually be much better fit for what you have to offer.

For example, let’s investigate smart phone retailers. All Phones is a franchise business with stores in most of the locations I race. This could be a good fit.

And Crust Pizza; another franchise business with locations around country Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne (where I live in Australia). Who doesn’t love Pizza? I know a lot of race fans do by their waste lines. Hmmm…maybe Lite & Easy is a better choice after all.

So keep your eyes and your mind open to opportunities. You’ll be surprised at the sponsorship opportunities all around you.

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