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KO Racing Sponsorship Proposal V2

Sponsorship proposal – Take 2

A while ago I published my first sponsorship proposal and detailed some of the elements that worked and some that didn’t.

To recap, here’s a list of the areas that needed attention before approaching potential sponsors with an updated proposal:

  • Make sure to build rapport with the sponsor before sending the proposal
  • The proposal must address the sponsor’s marketing objectives, measures of success and ultimately the return on investment
  • Research, research, research. The more you know about the sponsor and their market the more successful you’ll be
  • Focus on the sponsor – what’s in it for them (not what’s in it for you)
  • Keep your sponsorship proposal succinct and to the point
  • Don’t include too many options as you run the risk of confusing the sponsor

So I’ve created a new sponsorship proposal based on what I’ve learnt previously. The aim is to address the issues above and provide a framework for future proposal development.

This new proposal includes the following sections:

  1. A simple eye catching cover that’s designed to engage the reader and get them to open the proposal. The landscape orientation is a little different than most proposals
  2. An executive style summary that specifically outlines why the sponsor should consider this proposal
  3. A summary of the sponsor’s marketing objectives and the value proposition
  4. Target audience – using a written persona to describe the sponsor’s potential customers
  5. Audience segments and key demographics
  6. Unique marketing opportunities designed to meet the sponsor’s objectives which can be measured and provide the required value
  7. Sponsorship program and options – What you will do for the sponsor and the required investment. In this example I have 3 options; premier, major and associate
  8. Summary – who you are and what you do. In my approach to sponsorship the sponsor already has a good idea of what you’re about (since you’ve already built rapport) so this section is a summary. For me this is about the car, the team and the racing program. I’ve put this last because the proposal is about what you can do for the sponsor and not the other way round

Click on the cover art below to open the sponsorship proposal.

This new template will form the basis of subsequent sponsorship proposals and will follow the approach I set out in 10 essential steps to create a winning sponsorship proposal:

  • Step 1 – Understand what you have to offer a sponsor
  • Step 2 – Research your potential sponsors
  • Step 3 – Contact the person who can say yes to your sponsorship proposal
  • Step 4 – Develop a trusting relationship with the sponsor
  • Step 5 – Establish the sponsor’s marketing objectives
  • Step 6 – Agree on how you will measure sponsorship success
  • Step 7 – Ascertain the value to the sponsor
  • Step 8 – Explore the available options
  • Step 9 – Develop your sponsorship proposal
  • Step 10 – Deliver the sponsorship proposal and follow-up

Good luck fellow sponsorship seekers… Cheers, Kym.

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