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Hi, my name is Kym Oberauer, and welcome to Practical Sponsorship Ideas, dedicated to sharing experiences, tools, and resources to help you find, attract and keep your sponsors happy.

I haven’t found much in the way of real practical advice to help the little guy create and market a decent sponsorship opportunity. So I’ve been researching and creating my own sponsorship programs for over 10 years.

My goal is to create a great resource for you, independent sponsorship seekers, based on my personal experiences and practical advice from professionals in the sponsorship and marketing industries.

To get you started, I’ve compiled this list of my sponsorship articles, organized by stages in The Sponsorship Success System, that will help you find, attract and keep your sponsors happy.

Sponsorship  Fundamentals

The Sponsorship Success System

Before working out the best ways to get sponsored, I spent my days reviewing and improving online processes. This could be for an eCommerce store or an online training system.

It’s only natural for me to look at sponsorship as a repeatable and methodical process. So, after years of research and personal experience, I’ve developed a system that I want to share with you.

It’s a set of organized and easy-to-follow methods that will help you get sponsored. I call it The Sponsorship Success System.

The 5 stages of The Sponsorship Success System:

  1. Prospect for potential sponsors and create a shortlist
  2. Pitch to your shortlist of sponsors and meet with them
  3. Develop a proposal for sponsors who agree that your opportunity is good for their business
  4. Partner with your sponsors to develop a marketing and activation strategy
  5. Measure the performance of your strategy and make improvements

Here’s a flowchart that shows you how the process works.

The Sponsorship Success System

1 – Prospect

The first step in the Sponsorship Success System is researching and prospecting for sponsors who will benefit from a relationship with you and your audience. This process includes both online research and relationship-building strategies (e.g., networking and promotion).

2 – Pitch

Once we have a shortlist of potential sponsors, we move onto the pitching process. From here, the goal is to get a sponsor’s attention, meet with them and get conceptual agreement that sponsoring will be good for their business.

3 – Proposal

Once you have conceptual agreement from the sponsor, it’s time to create a winning sponsorship proposal that focuses on their objectives, clearly shows the value, and makes you the obvious choice over the alternatives.

4 – Partnership

Success! Your sponsor has signed on the dotted line. It’s time to work with your sponsor to create and put your marketing and activation strategy into action.

5 – Performance

Now it’s time to measure the results and improve on the marketing and activation strategy. This improvement process is ongoing throughout your relationship with the sponsor. The better the results, the more likely they are to renew your sponsorship agreement

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